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Christopher Bell

Born in 1960, Chris Bell had a passion from a young age, opting to study Art and Photography at University. It was here that he developed a fascination with colour; beginning to consider the ways in which he could best achieve the vibrancy he desired. After years spent exploring a range of media, Chris developed the unique method he uses today. The artist applies tints and colours to iron free, toughened glass, which is then oven baked- often for days on end. During this time the pigments grow, fuse and merge, resulting in exceptionally bold, colourful artworks which glow and shimmer when exposed to light.

Bells artworks have a joyful quality; celebrating the colour and vitality of the world around him. He has a playful approach to tone and perspective, drawing the viewer into the scene with its exceptional lustre and depth. Now living in Dorset, the artist often chooses to depict the harbours and quays of the countys coast, encouraging viewers to momentarily escape into the idyllic locations.