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Tracey Pinnington

Hertfordshire based artist Tracey Pinnington began her career as a visual communications designer, managing and working on projects for blue chip clients such as PlayStation, The BBC, Renault, and the Paris Air Show. Her passion for painting and illustration would often find it’s way in to her design work, ultimately encouraging her to switch career direction in 2003 to focus solely on her art full time.

Tracey creates dramatic paintings, working primarily in acrylic paint with a focus on the natural world. Her inspiration comes from wildlife and the striking contrasts between light and shadows. Through the use of these transitions, she brings drama and depth to her finished portraits. Sometimes creating the impression of the subject emerging from the darkness.

It isn’t often we get the chance to be up close and see the fine detail of such majestic creatures.

Through a series of layered glazes, with visible brush strokes and considerate use of colour. The power of each animal Tracey paints, invites us to pause and contemplate their pure and natural beauty. Allowing the viewer a sense of how the animal might be feeling. Essentially ‘bringing you closer to wildlife through art.’

Tracey has captivated a loyal following of art enthusiasts and collectors worldwide, has won numerous awards and featured in books and magazines such as Artists and Illustrators.