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Jo Starkey

Originally from the East Midlands, I come from a family with a strong artistic background. From a young age, I pursued my passion for dance, finding joy in movement and expression. Growing up in the countryside, I developed a deep appreciation for nature and the tranquility of the rural landscape. This love, combined with my artistic inclinations, led me to explore the world of art and design.

Although my artistic journey took time to fully blossom, it was after the turn of the millennium that I began to see my dreams take shape. After completing my education, I enrolled in an art foundation course in Nottingham, eager to explore my creative potential. To keep my options open, I also pursued a secretarial course, recognizing the importance of versatility. The vibrant allure of London beckoned, and for the next decade, I balanced my artistic pursuits with part-time work in the city. Along the way, I embarked on exciting adventures, traveling the world and embracing the joys of motherhood.

It wasn't until 2003, when I made the move to Sussex, that I found my artistic sanctuary. With my own studio, I finally had the space to establish myself as an artist. Over time, I gradually built my profile, exhibiting and selling my work in galleries across the UK and worldwide.

Being a nature enthusiast, I strive to depict the essence and enchantment of the natural world in my artwork. Utilizing a layering technique, I build depth and richness in my pieces using acrylics and mixed media. Texture plays a significant role in my work, and accents of gold and silver consistently thread through my creations.

Colour is a playful element that often guides the composition of my paintings. With my camera always at hand, I capture fleeting moments in time, ensuring a constant source of inspiration. Living in rural Sussex, surrounded by breathtaking countryside and the nearby South Downs, I am never short of inspiration. I predominantly work from my own photographs, allowing me to infuse my own interpretation into natural scenes, giving them a contemporary and occasionally ethereal touch.