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Tetiana Bond

Tetiana Bond is an accomplished painter born and raised in Kyiv (Ukraine) that developed a love for art at an early age. Tetiana graduated from the Higher Institute of Arts in Kyiv in 2009 and initially started her career as an interior designer. However, her love for art was so intense that she found herself spending more time in the art studio, eventually leading to her becoming a full-time artist.
Tetiana sees her time spent painting as a form of meditation, where she can escape reality and create her own version of the world. Using a palette knife as her preferred tool, she carves out images from her dreams and collections of distant memories and shapes them into an idyllic and enchanting reality, the ultimate perfection of what could be.
Tetiana's paintings are known for their vibrant use of color and draw inspiration from impressionism, while partial abstraction provokes the viewer to participate in the creation of their own version of utopia. Her love for warm and shimmering colors is evident in each of her seascapes, where the sun's rays play a vital role in shaping the subtle shades of purples, pinks, and blues. Bonds’ use of light, texture, and gradations creates a true experience for the senses.
Tetiana's cityscapes are equally breathtaking, as her use of abstractionism allows her to perfectly capture the energy and excitement of the urban environment.
Tetiana has participated in several international art exhibitions, including the International Biennial Art Miami, USA in August 2015, the Ukrainian Art Week in April 2016 in Kyiv, Ukraine, the Parallax Art Fair in London, the United Kingdom in October 2016, and the International Art Week in Ankara, Turkey, in March 2017. In 2021, as an endorsement of her popularity as an artist, a private exhibition was held in Hong Kong. She has won numerous awards, including gold in the category “Abstract” and “Animalistic painting” during Ukrainian Art Week. Her works are currently displayed in art studios and galleries across Europe, Asia, and the United States.
Despite the significant impact of the ongoing war on Kyiv, Tetiana has chosen to remain in her beloved city and carry on with her work. Even though this has impacted her ability to personally participate in fairs and exhibitions, she is determined to keep her art untouched by injustice and malice and continues to use her skills as a method for reflection and contemplation.