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Fee Dickson Reid

Fee Dickson Reid creates expressive, atmospheric large-scale seascapes filled with a sense of calm and peace. Her work is about the solace of the sea, the light filled skies above her local beaches, reflections on sand and water. She aims to find the ‘still point in a turning world’, to anchor the viewer to a place and a state of mind that is about tranquillity and connection to the natural world. Fee paints primarily in oils in the studio or occasionally with mixed media in situ on the beach.
Her paintings are almost always completed ‘alla prima’, all in one session, and usually respond to the immediate weather, season, or light she has experienced that day on the beach – spirit of place is a core element of her work.
Fee trained in architecture at Edinburgh College of Art, graduating with a 1st class degree in 1996 and began exhibiting professionally as an artist in 2010. An award winning artist, her work is held in collections private and public worldwide.