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Trudy Good

Born in Hampshire, Trudy Good spent her younger years exploring and romanticising the beauty in the work of figurative painters such as Rembrandt, Richter, Sargent, Degas, Giacometti and Bacon. From an early age she was drawn to the worlds of these artists and of the Pre-Raphaelites, where a subtle, supernatural beauty seems to be hiding under the breath of the human form; worlds where something beyond our natural perception is present.

Although Good did begin an academic art education she opted out after a year, disillusioned with the institution and wanting to find her own path uninfluenced by current trends and teachings. In an effort to discover her own artistic preferences, she began over a decade-long journey of continued self-instruction and independent study.

After a 15-year love affair with the immediacy of drawing Good’s creative journey took a sudden unplanned fork about 5 years ago, when she began working in oils. Although the medium is new, her aesthetic remains a constant; the study of the human condition and to create something that is well crafted, perhaps beautiful and at times, thought provoking.

Her works are instantly recognizable by their parred down approach to both composition and background detail, Good believes this helps to draw the viewers' attention and focus toward the subject matter and to emphasise an idea or emotion that Good is trying to portray.

Good finds beauty in detail and although some of her works have been described as photorealistic, a majority of the paintings have a juxtaposition of a more studied detailed approach, with areas of rapid energetic brush marks and sometimes areas of canvas are actually left completely bare, in order to show the 'bones' of the work, or to emphasis the unfinishable nature of painting in it's self.

The popularity of Good’s work has continued to grow globally, with successful exhibitions in many cities including, London, New York, Miami, Los Angeles, Hong Kong and Sydney as well as Europe. She has also been lucky enough to collaborate with many top couture designers and has worked on specific projects for London Fashion Week.
Many collectors are well known figures in the public eye, Good prefers to keep their anonymity.