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Emily Harman

Emily Harman is an abstract artist from South-East London.

Majority of her artwork is created using acrylic paints, pens and spray paints and is supported by gouache paint, pencils, oil pastels and other multi-media elements.
Emily has graduated with both a Bachelor of Arts (Hons) and Master of Arts from UCL in History of Art, which has had a surmountable impact in her practice. She has been particularly influenced by abstract expressionism, symbolism and colour theory. These themes inspired Emily’s Masters dissertation which discussed the concept of ‘The Feminine Experience’, alongside the colour pink as a vehicle for its representation. This dissertation lays the groundwork to a discussion on whether pink will ever be reclaimed as something other than feminine.
Colour, shape and form, both organic and geometric, are all central elements to her artistic practice as she perceives these components as synonymous with emotion. Her paintings are free and flowing and tend to focus on the time of production rather than the final product. When creating her paintings, the only elements on her mind are colours and how they can represent her emotions at that exact moment. Therefore, the amalgamation of colours, space and mediums in her art compiles this mixture of emotions as temporal and transitory.