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Susan Wooler

Susan is renowned for creating stunning contemporary landscapes and seascapes which are ambiguous in their truth, and highly abstracted in their vision. She creates intricate and unique textured paintings using acrylics. Th is texture gives the painting depth and a tactile quality, stimulating the different senses of sight and touch and therefore enhancing the overall experience of the work. There is a juxtaposition of the soft and delicate subject matter with the heavy texture and bold colour. An ephemeral quality is evident, that is fleeting and beautiful, like a wonderful moment of a dream remembered.
Originally from the city of Manchester, Susan now lives in a beautiful Welsh seaside village with her family. Susan is very passionate about the natural world, and it allows her imagination to run wild while she is in the process of creating a painting. She spends hours walking on and the beach or sitting in the dunes watching the sunset, she finds it immensely calming watching the changing colours and tones in the sky and sea, and it always gives her a great deal of inspiration for her paintings.