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Alyson Howard

I was born in a Modbury, South Devon and spent my childhood in the idyllic surroundings of Devon and Cornwall. From a very early age, I have been obsessed with drawing and crafts, captivated by animals, beaches, and nature. Traveling different cultures has a big influence on my work, I have a deep love for Asia, India in particular, the chaos, colour, shapes, textures and, smells; a complete assault of the senses.
I emerge myself fully in to my work, my art helps me get through the hards days life can throw at you, on the flip side, other days I can meditate and fully channel myself in to my paintings with a big smile on my face singing and dancing whilst I paint my art is my life. I draw my inspirations from my vivid imagination juxtaposed with the natural world that surrounds me.
When I am near the sea I am happy. I have always been drawn to the ocean, it as always had a massive impact on my life. With its hypnotic effect, it calms me down and takes me into a mediative state. The expression, the freedom, the power, the ocean. My collection Wild and Free are expressions of my love for the sea.
I would consider myself to be a bit of a free spirit. I love the feeling of freedom and always try to seek it throughout my life. Birds are symbols of freedom flying high on the winds. My Free Spirit explores my favourite birds their splendour and beauty.
I have always painted to my favourite music, and music influences my paintings. My Awakenings collection are my explorational journeys through sound, exploring synesthesia and painting subconsciously.
My flowerscapes are influenced by my passion for India, the chaos, the colours, and textures. I use of the metallic paints my work to help to create a bit of drama and movement, changing with the natural light of the day. My latest collections feature seascapes and abstract landscapes, exploring movement, freedom, and serenity.